After being an elementary teacher in Australia for two years, Mitchell Norris decided to pack up and get out and see the world! After working so hard on an Education career at such a young age, he decided to have some time out and go snowboard in Japan, quite an attraction for Australians looking for some off season snow.

Landing in Joetsu, a smallish town in Niigata, he snowboarded harder than he ever has before or after, but other than snow, there was nothing for him in small town Japan.

After only a few months away from teaching, something strangely compelled him to again return to his career. Landing the first job he applied for, he moved to Tokyo where he was mesmerized by the lights, sounds and people of the big city. Teaching elementary once again for two years, a chance encounter allowed him to pursue a more specialized aspect of the field. When he was hired as a technology specialist, he finally knew he found his calling!

He is now doing what he loves, coaching teachers on how to use technology at an amazing school in Munich, Germany.

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