BookSnaps are a great way to share ideas, create visual cues to help solidify learning and make dry, text based print media a little more engaging. They can be used in a number of ways, for a number of purposes, you are really only limited by your imagination.

I recently made a these examples for a middle school war unit:

Predominantly, BookSnaps are creating using Snapchat. I think this is a great way to engage students in the technology they know and love and show them ways they can use it for constructive, educational purposes. But you don’t need to have a Snapchat account to create a BookSnap, you can make them on your computer from screenshots using Google Draw or other tools you have access to. You could even create these using slideshow software (Keynote/Powerpoint) or tools to create posters and visual media such as Canva.

Below are some great video tutorials on the logistics of how to create BookSnaps using a range different of tools. Choose the video based on the tool you would like to use.

How To Create A BookSnap Using Snapchat

How To Create A BookSnap From A Screenshot Of Text On A Computer

How To Create A BookSnap Using Google Drawings

Another Way To Create A BookSnap Using Google Drawings

A big shout out to Tara Martin who came up with the idea and who narrates of lot of the videos above. She makes some excellent BookSnaps too, here are some examples of hers and some other great BookSnaps I found on Twitter: