Over the last few weeks, the K5 students have been studying the five sense so I thought it would be a good idea to have them make a poster in Tux Paint, about the five sense. Tux Paint is free drawing software that can be downloaded for free and we have installed on all school machines. I use it a lot in kindergarten to develop hand eye coordination.

The problem that I saw was that there was no way I could get them to finish a whole poster in 30 minutes. So I decided to be a bit more ambition and with the help of the PE teacher, managed to get them for a whole hour. This gave us lots of time to make our posters just right!

The students did all of this by themselves, all of the typing and drawing is all theirs. The students got extensive practice with the text tool and became a little more familiar with the keyboard. You can see one of the students results below.


This week I worked with the K5 Bears, next week I will work with the K5 Penguins for an hour and they will also have their own posters to display. Here is a collection of the work, by next week K5 Penguins work should be in there too.

Mister Norris’s Flickr Set: K5 – The 5 Senses