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Evernote For Extended Essay

Evernote is a great too for staying organized and I think it would be excellent for any research assignment such as the IB extended essay. This tutorial explains the basics of Evernote and how to use it as a research tool.


Evernote for IB Extended Essay from Mister Norris on Vimeo.

How To Set Up Filters In Gmail

Filters are a great way to speed up your productivity in Gmail. Filters allow you to ‘catch’ specific emails and run special rules for those email. For example, if you constantly receive emails that you don’t need, you ‘catch’ the email by specifying to from address or another indicator of that email and automatically archive it or mark it as spam. Conversely, if you spam filter is continuously filtering emails that are not spam, you can specify the email address it is coming from and have Gmail never mark it as spam.

There are many different combinations, so your limited only by your imagination.

How To Add An Image To A Blog Post

A quick tutorial on how to add an image to a blog post in WordPress/Blog.com/Edublogs/etc.

How To Make A Booking On Google Apps

EDIT: This is video is actually wrong, this shows you how to do it from an admin account, to see how to actually do it please click here.


This is a very quick video to give and introduction to or a refresher to how to make a room booking with your Google Apps account. It does seem quite cumbersome but once you get the hang of it it is actually really powerful.

(Sorry for going so fast, I figured it was a video so you could stop and start it as needed)

How To Make A Sound File From A CD

On a Mac, using iTunes is so easy! But today a colleague came to me for advice on how to get a track from a CD, onto her computer at school, that are running Windows XP and don’t have iTunes installed. So while I showed her, I made this quick tutorial video. I thought it might also be helpful to others so I decided to upload it.

Sorry there is no sound, I couldn’t get the mic input to work on the machine, another problem you don’t have to deal with on a Mac as they are built in, standard.