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The 6 P’s

I have found a lot that in my class, my students want to rush to get to the fun part, but when they get there they find themselves ill prepared for the challenges and problems they face. So I made them this poster to remind them that planning is just as important as building and making. Feel free to hang it in your classroom/office/living room! Just give me a shout out for it.

Shortcuts Desktop Wallpaper

I realized that a lot of people struggle remembering shortcuts. So I wanted to come up with the easiest way possible for people to remember them. In the past, I made posters and hung them around the school. But for the average user, they would need to print it out and stick it at their desk. This wouldn’t really be something I would do so I tried to think of better ways. Then I realized that if I made a desktop wallpaper, everyone could have it on their computer, with instant access. What a great idea! This is the result:


So now all you have to do is click the download link above. This will open the image in a separate tab. Now right click (hold control and click) then image and select ‘Set As Desktop Background’. Now all you have to do is remember or write on a small piece of paper the shortcut of fn + F11 and it will hide all of your windows so that you can now see all of the shortcuts! I would recommend writing the hide all shortcut on a small piece of paper and sticking it to the bottom of your screen so it’s always there.

I designed the poster with some black space on the right so that you can have some documents on your desktop. I think this poster will also give you incentive to keep your desktop clean or else you wont be able to see the shortcuts!

If I have missed any important shortcuts please let me know in the comments below. I would have liked to add of the mouse/trackpad shortcuts, so maybe I’ll make another version in the future with those in it.

Please let me know if this was useful to you by leaving a comment below. If you like it, please share it and spread the word.

Learning As An Active Process

Learning As An Active Process

Part two of my quote series.



At the start of the year one of the Grade 12 students took it upon herself to pin up motivational, inspirational or funny quotes in the stairwell to inspire her peers and teachers. I loved reading them and gave the stairwell a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, the student moved overseas, so the school councilor took it upon himself to keep up the tradition of the stairwell quotes. He noticed my interest in the quotes, so asked me if I would like to contribute. This is just one of fives quotes I will share over the new few weeks. If you like it and would like to use it, click the picture and it will take you to Twitter, where you should be able to download the full sized version.

The 5 Senses by K5

Over the last few weeks, the K5 students have been studying the five sense so I thought it would be a good idea to have them make a poster in Tux Paint, about the five sense. Tux Paint is free drawing software that can be downloaded for free and we have installed on all school machines. I use it a lot in kindergarten to develop hand eye coordination.

The problem that I saw was that there was no way I could get them to finish a whole poster in 30 minutes. So I decided to be a bit more ambition and with the help of the PE teacher, managed to get them for a whole hour. This gave us lots of time to make our posters just right!

The students did all of this by themselves, all of the typing and drawing is all theirs. The students got extensive practice with the text tool and became a little more familiar with the keyboard. You can see one of the students results below.


This week I worked with the K5 Bears, next week I will work with the K5 Penguins for an hour and they will also have their own posters to display. Here is a collection of the work, by next week K5 Penguins work should be in there too.

Mister Norris’s Flickr Set: K5 – The 5 Senses

Grade 1 – Life In General

Grade 1 are currently studying all about themselves so I decided it would be a good idea to make a poster about themselves. Along the way they started using the keyboard in a purposeful way as well as learn how to use the software Comic Life which is great for making posters, comics, title pages, etc.


I originally planned for these to be uploaded online so I was careful that the students didn’t include any personal information. I think they did a great job, what do you think?

Family Festival Poster 2010

On Friday night, a group of mothers from the Family Festival committee begged me to help them make a Japanese poster for Family Festival. They stuck around and helped with the Japanese and this is what I came up with. I hope you can all make it down for my favourite day on the school calendar!