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How To Save Transparent Text In Photoshop

When working on our schools year, I work with Jostens Yearbook Avenue and my students like to find their own fonts and use them on the pages.

The best place I have seen to find custom fonts is dafont.com and once they are installed on your computer you can then select them in Photoshop to use.

Once you create a heading with your new font, you must then save the image as a transparency. We always forget how to make the image transparent so we can set it over other images and backgrounds so I decided to make a video to explain it.

P.S. One guess what font I am using?

An Introduction to Photoshop

In Grade 7, I thought it was time to introduce the higher level computer skills to the students. After 6 or more years of formal computer lessons, I think in Grade 7 the students need to be pushed and discover more tools that are being used by professionals. This is where Photoshop steps in. A lot of people use Photoshop, but a lot of people don’t use it right, or spend way more time than they need to when using it.

My goal was to introduce the basics of Photoshop to the students along with showing them skills that they could carry over into other projects or uses. Their task was to ‘touch up’ a photo of them self then superimpose it on a background of their choice. Here is one great example, if you would like to see your daughters efforts, ask to see theirs in their wiki (online portfolio).