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At the start of the year one of the Grade 12 students took it upon herself to pin up motivational, inspirational or funny quotes in the stairwell to inspire her peers and teachers. I loved reading them and gave the stairwell a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, the student moved overseas, so the school councilor took it upon himself to keep up the tradition of the stairwell quotes. He noticed my interest in the quotes, so asked me if I would like to contribute. This is just one of fives quotes I will share over the new few weeks. If you like it and would like to use it, click the picture and it will take you to Twitter, where you should be able to download the full sized version.

Copyright and Creative Commons

Last year I decided to start teaching Copyright and Creative Commons. The lessons went well as I also linked it to a unit on creating effective presentations. First the students learned about Copyright from a range of source. One of the main ones we used was Brainpop’s video on Copyright.

Then as a class we watch this video on Creative Commons, it helps lay out Copyright and Creative Commons in a simple and visual way.



After watching the video and getting a broad background of the topic, I had them research Creative Commons a little more and then create a presentation on what Creative Commons is. In their assignment, they had attribute correctly and only use images with the correct Creative Commons licenses.



What resources do you use to teach your students about Copyright and Creative Commons? Leave your ideas in the comment section below.