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Photography Resources

Photography For Everybody – Composition
Photography For Everybody – Portraits and Flash
Photography For Everybody – Landscapes

VSCO Cam – A great app to control all aspects of your iPhone and iPad as well as edit your photo when you have finished
Snapseed – An app by Google for editing your photos once they have been taken
Instagram – A place to find inspiration from a range source and styles
Hyperlapse – An amazing way to make a time lapse video which removes shakes

Inspirational Instagram Users
Trashhand – Outstanding vanishing points, perspective, symmetry and urban landscape
Finkel Captures – A young Australian photographer that likes to find beauty in ruined buildings
Humans Of New York – Portraits of New Yorks, with short interviews to give some insight into their lives and their city
Analog Features – Great portraits by a range of artists that have been features by this user
Drew Martin Photography – Surfing, snowboarding and amazing landscapes take by a pro
The Find Lab – A photography lab in USA that features great photos from the photos they process
Brenton Clarke – Landscapes and portraits

Do you have any other suggestions?

Evernote For Students and Teachers

As you can see is this short video, Evernote is a great tool that can be used for a range of purposes. On the outside, it’s a very simple note taking app. At the very least, you can organise all of your notes in the same place instead of using Word documents, stickies, note applications, etc. Having your notes in one place and searchable makes them very powerful. However, it doesn’t stop there. Being a cloud service, Evernote stores the original information for you, so that all of your information is backed up whenever you press sync and it is then available on any device you use, be it Mac, PC or tablet. The next feature that makes this powerful is that you can save any type of file in it. Word documents, PDF’s, sound files, video files, images, etc. An example of this can be seen in this short video below:

Another powerful feature is that alerts can be set on any note, giving you a reminder at a specified time and date. With the integration of Skitch, you can also annotate PDF’s and images quickly and easily. When using a device with a camera, you can take images of text that are optimised as well as voice recordings and pictures straight into notes.

Finally, the Evernote Web Clipper is a powerful browser extension tool to ‘capture’ a copy of any web you are on, so you can read it later or have access to it in the future.

Evernote has so many varied uses, I would recommend that you download it, start to use it and you will begin to get hooked! It’s the ultimate tool to remain organised and in control of all of your information across a range of devices.



– When teachers take notes on the the whiteboard, they can open up Evernote on their device and take a photo of it. Now they can search the written text and add tags to the note so that they can find it later.

– Students can take notes in Evernote and tag them. These notes can then be found at a later date. This can be powerful if certain lessons have cross curricular links. The notes can also have pictures, videos and voice notes integrated.

– Teachers and students can set up shared folders, which makes it easier for students and teachers to communicate.

– Evernote is great for password pages. A list of all passwords can be made for students and teachers, make it much easier for them to remember how to access the range of services they use. Full passwords do not need to be written, or you could use hints, or Evernote also allows the encrypting of specific passages of text, so you could encrypt each password.

– Using Evernote Web Clipper, students could collate a range of research and annotate any webpage they like. This would also allow the students to keep a copy of the website, so that if it goes offline in the future, they can still access their own version of the information.

– Evernote is amazing for the IB extended essay and research! Watch this video I made on how best to utilise it.

TED: Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

I saw this video a while ago now but stumbled upon it again on the weekend. Inspirational stuff!