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Student Led Conferences In The KJS Lab

Today was student led conferences. Excitement was in the air as enthusiastic students led their parents, siblings and even some grandparents around the school showing them where they learn and play. Last year we decided to have laptops in each classroom so that students could show the digital pieces of their portfolio. This worked OK, but with computers in every room it made it hard for me to be at all places at once to help support students and teachers. Plus I didn’t really get to meet many parents. This year the classroom teachers suggested that the students bring their parents to the KJS computer lab and they show their work there. I liked this idea as all specialist that had digital pieces to show could be in once place, I would hopefully get a chance to meet more parents and the students could show their parents where their ICT classes take place.

In the end I liked it better having students come to the KJS lab, despite it being so busy in the morning during the first few sessions. If we do it again like this next year, we will have to make sure we have a better schedules so that we don’t have so many people in the lab all at once. Also, as most of the digital pieces were movies loaded from Vimeo, the network tended to slow right down when there were a lot of people accessing their pieces. I guess a better schedule would also help to stop this from happening. In the end though, I think what the students and parents go out of the day was a great experiences. Lots of smiles and proud face on not just parents and grandparents but also students. It’s great to see the students so confident and happy to share the work they do everyday with their family.

Some parents and students didn’t get time to see all of their digital pieces of work, so I encourage you to access it from home. Visit www.isshlearners.weebly.com to have access to the KJS homepage, with links to all of the tools and sites the students use in class. On this site is a section for each grade. If you click it then click the first link, ‘Student Led Conference 2012’, you have access to most of the ICT, Japanese Culture and Music classes pieces of work for the portfolios. If you can’t navigate to the work, check the URL’s in the portfolios and type them in manually. If you are still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll see if I can help.

I hope all of the students enjoyed the experience of bringing their parents to the computer lab and I hope that all of the parents were impressed by how savvy their children are. If you have any feedback at all from SLC, please leave a comment below.

The 5 Senses by K5

Over the last few weeks, the K5 students have been studying the five sense so I thought it would be a good idea to have them make a poster in Tux Paint, about the five sense. Tux Paint is free drawing software that can be downloaded for free and we have installed on all school machines. I use it a lot in kindergarten to develop hand eye coordination.

The problem that I saw was that there was no way I could get them to finish a whole poster in 30 minutes. So I decided to be a bit more ambition and with the help of the PE teacher, managed to get them for a whole hour. This gave us lots of time to make our posters just right!

The students did all of this by themselves, all of the typing and drawing is all theirs. The students got extensive practice with the text tool and became a little more familiar with the keyboard. You can see one of the students results below.


This week I worked with the K5 Bears, next week I will work with the K5 Penguins for an hour and they will also have their own posters to display. Here is a collection of the work, by next week K5 Penguins work should be in there too.

Mister Norris’s Flickr Set: K5 – The 5 Senses

Japan Day 2011

A great day was had by all today, despite the miserable weather. Japan Day is a special day that our Japanese faculty put together to celebrate our host country and it’s customs and traditions. Everyone is asked to dress up in Japanese attire or red and white. I donned my yukata and ran around most of the day taking video and photos.The junior school had a great calligraphy performance and made a huge group artwork together. Then the rest of the day they had fun Japanese activities to do like kendama, ayatori, etc.

Here are some great pictures from the day.


What Did You Want To Be When You Were Five?

I asked the students in K5 what they wanted to be when they grew up. I found out I have some very creative and ambitious young students!

So what did you want to be when you were five? Leave a comment below telling us.

K5’s Favourite Celebrations

K5 have been learning about celebrations so in ICT class I had them draw their favourite celebration. An overwhelming majority loved Easter but I’d have to say my favourite celebration is Christmas.

The student are learning to refine their fine motor skills and develop hand eye co-ordination through the use of the trackpad and typing their own name. The students made the drawings on Tux Paint which is a free download for Mac or PC so you can install it on your own computer and let your children draw to their hearts content. Letting your child use technology at home will give them confidence in class and allow them to develop their hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Here is their work from this week, if you enjoyed it leave a comment of encouragement!

When I Grow Up…

K5 have been talking about workers in their community, which sparked the question, what do you want to do when you grow up? I recorded the conversation and made them illustrate a picture to go along with it. This is what they came up with.


Movember 2010

An artists impersination of what Mr. Jeremic could look like at the end of Movember

Men sporting Movember moustaches, known as Mo Bros, become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November and through their actions and words raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.

Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo growing efforts. The rules are simple; register online at Movember.com and start the month of Movember clean shaven, before growing a Mo.

Money raised in Australia is shared equally between programs targeting prostate cancer and male depression. Funds are committed to our men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue – the national depression initiative and the Movember Foundation. Together, the three channels work to ensure that Movember funds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world class programs in the fields of research, education, support, and awareness. “

Taken from www.movember.com

A lot of male teachers and staff at ISSH are growing their own mustache to promote and raise money for men’s health issues, including myself! I’ll keep a weekly photos update so you can see my progress. Also, parents, staff and students can vote for best mo by buying a ¥100 ticket and placing it under the most deserving staff member on the chart outside the MP room.

To show their support, in ICT classes this week, K5 and Grade 1 all added their own mustaches to their own photos. They look hilarious! Check them out:

Grade 2 is working on a comic that will be release soon. Stay tuned.


I posed the question to K5, Grade 1 and Grade 2, “Why do you think the men of ISSH are growing moustaches?” The answers were hilarious, this is what some of them had to say:

To look like a daddy?

To look like an uncle?

To be more manly? (student flexes biceps)

To keep their top lip warm?

To stay healthy?

Dress As Your Favourite Book Character Day

Some great photos from dress-as-your-favourite-book-character-day. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, a lot of the good photos and class photos could not be included or were cropped due to photo publishing restriction on some students.

Tux Paint

Kindergarten have been having a great time on their new Macbooks this year. K4 have especially been having a blast, with myself have the honor of allow some students to use a computer for the first time in their life which was quite a trill for me and the students.

My main objective for the first few months of a student using a computer is to develop the fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination between their finger on the trackpad and their cursor on their screen. So to develop this, we do a lot of basic websites that require the students to move their mouse, click, double click, drag, etc. As we well doing a lot of drawing on the computer to link their learning back to the topic they are covering in class.

There are many options for drawing software, with some great examples popping up online (I have a large list here www.delicious.com/misternorris/drawing), as well as paid software, but I have found what works best for our needs is Tux Paint (www.tuxpaint.org) which is an open source drawing software, especially designed for children. It’s also cross platform, so it can be used on Mac and PC and can be downloaded for free at their site.

So if you would like to develop their children hand/eye coordination, entertain them and introduce them to computer use at home, download Tux Paint for free, they should slowly get to know their way around and will have a great time doing so with the supervision of their parents.

My back to school present

When I got to work on Tuesday, my boss had a big present waiting for me. She showed me the 34 new Macbooks that the school had purchased for use in the new temporary K to G2 building on the old field. I can’t wait to use them with the K-2 students!