Photography For Everybody – Composition
Photography For Everybody – Portraits and Flash
Photography For Everybody – Landscapes

VSCO Cam – A great app to control all aspects of your iPhone and iPad as well as edit your photo when you have finished
Snapseed – An app by Google for editing your photos once they have been taken
Instagram – A place to find inspiration from a range source and styles
Hyperlapse – An amazing way to make a time lapse video which removes shakes

Inspirational Instagram Users
Trashhand – Outstanding vanishing points, perspective, symmetry and urban landscape
Finkel Captures – A young Australian photographer that likes to find beauty in ruined buildings
Humans Of New York – PortraitsĀ of New Yorks, with short interviews to give some insight into their lives and their city
Analog Features – Great portraits by a range of artists that have been features by this user
Drew Martin Photography – Surfing, snowboarding and amazing landscapes take by a pro
The Find Lab – A photography lab in USA that features great photos from the photos they process
Brenton Clarke – Landscapes and portraits

Do you have any other suggestions?