This year I introduced all of my Grade 7 and Grade 8 students to coding. This great video by got my motivated to introduce coding to my class:

The video is bound to get anyone excited about coding. However, once the task of actually getting to work arrived, the opinions of my students changed a lot. Some were motived to keep pursuing coding but a lot were frustrated with the process. It just goes to show, coding is not for everyone! The first activity I had my students complete was the Hour Of Code activity. It didn’t take any of them an hour, but it was a good activity to do as it took them through many of the basics of programming and coding. After the students finished their Hour Of Code, I let them explore the following resources. They could chose a course based on their own interest and skill level.

WHEN STARTING OUT TRY: – The basic introductory course that teachers you how to program a computer.

Code HS – A great way to learn the basics. The lessons slowly build up to more advanced techniques.
Code Monkey – A fun game made by Brainpop to teach you how to write real code.
MakeGamesWithUs – Make your own iOS game in your browser!
RoboMind Academy – Learning how to program a virtual robot.
Scratch – Create basic games and animations using drag and drop.
Grok Learning – An introduction to program which builds up to knowledge and skills in Python.

Code Academy – Learn to code real world language such as JavaScript, HTML, Python, Ruby, etc.
CodeSchool – Learn to code JavaScript, Ruby, HTML and iOS apps in a game based situation.
LiveCode – Download software to code iOS and Android apps offline
Code Avengers – Learning how to code JavaScript, HTML, games and apps.
App Inventor – Learn to code an Android app (works best if you have an Android).
Kahn Academy – A more advanced step by step video guide on how to program.