The internet, it’s economy and it’s ramerfercations have come about in such a short time span it’s hard to know to put it into perspective. For most of our students, being digital natives, they have no idea that there was life before the internet. They have no idea that MySpace dominated before Facebook and that the idea of having affordable internet on a mobile phone (thanks to the iPhone) is also a very recent manifestation of technological advancements. I also think it’s good for us that were around when all of these amazing technological advancements came about to remember when it all happened.

So I was researching to see if anyone had made a timeline of when these technological advancements came about but I couldn’t find anything decent enough. So I decided to make my own. I hope you enjoy it and can use it in your classrooms.

I used Prezi to develop the timeline as I’ve had the idea to use Prezi for a while. I love the three dimensional features of Prezi, being able to not just move up, down, left, right but also in and out. I think for a timeline this is a great idea as it can give the viewer some perspective and infinite amount of detail can be added to the timeline as each section can be zoomed in further and further to add new events and details. In reality this worked well, but I did have regular problems importing images. I love that you can search for and import images straight from inside Prezi. But that feature was a little glitchy and didn’t work 100% of the time. Dragging and dropping from my desktop was also not effective at all. The best way I found adding pictures worked was finding them online, saving them to my desktop, then uploading them in Prezi. This was a little time consuming. But over all, I’m very happy with the results and would love to see someone use Prezi as a timeline in more detail to see how the zooming in and out of events could really change the way we write and view timelines.