Being inspired with Kim Cofino’s post on ‘engaging the parent community‘, our department decided it would be a good idea to engage our parents. On Thursday September 3rd we will be having a parent information session, loosely based on digital citizenship that we hope can cover a lot of bases including privacy, the students new digital portfolios, 21st century learners and a lot more (if we get the time!). The presentation has been weighing a lot on my thoughts as of last and as I was reading through the NETS for students essential conditions, I realized that we are meeting a lot of them with this information session.


We can help construct a shared vision between our department and the parent community. Hopefully we can both have our opinions heard and begin striving towards excellence in education for the students.



By empowering the parents with knowledge, we can develop effective change.



By giving the students portfolios, they have time to share their ideas with their parents, teachers and other students.



By having the students develop their own reflections to any piece of work they choose, the emphasis is taken away from the front of the room and back to the student and their thoughts.



This one is pretty self explanatory and probably the main goal of the presentation.


I’m really looking forward to spending time with the middle school parents and hearing their opinions, helping them develop their knowledge and expressing our direction. I hope that a lot of parents are able to attend and are as excited as I am!