Being an ICT teacher, I am using technology in every one of my class. I love teaching children how to use technology and I get a real kick when I see students creating meaningful products that not only benefits them and helps them develop the skills used to create the product, but can also assist others either through passing on motivation or developing their knowledge. There are a range of projects I did last year with my students that would fit into this category but my top three favourite would be Grade 2’s water cycle animations, Grade 4’s video school tour and the book trailers I did with Grades 5 and 6.

Photo by Flikr user ekkebus

However, being a new year with new goals and motivations, I decided to challenge myself once again and facilitate the creation of digital portfolios for all of my students starting in Grade 3 all the way up to Grade 7. In the past, pieces of work that students created digitally had no real place we stored them or view them in an easily manageable way. With the introduction of a public digital portfolios I believe that this will help teachers display the amazing projects they are already doing with technology in their classrooms and in turn motivate others in the school and around the world to try similar projects. For teachers, it can be a bank of ideas for others and for students, a place to proudly display their work to an authentic audience. I hope to get all teachers contributing work towards each students portfolio as a way of motivating technology within all curriculum areas. I believe that this is a very authentic way to use technology, as students and teachers have a real audience, outside of the classroom. I really hope once the students realize this, that the quality of their work will also increase.

So this is my goal for the year, to create an authentic audience for my students, to motivate other teachers at my school to display the amazing lessons involving technology in their classroom, no matter what subject they are teaching and to collect all of a students work in one place, a place they can be proud of. I have already taken steps towards achieving my goals and have hit a few speed humps, but if I remain determined and I am certain I can achieve my goals for the year.

This post should be interesting at the end of the school year to look back on and reflect on.