This video was made by two of my Grade 7/8 options class students. I am doing movie making for the first time in the middle school and the students are having a blast as well as learning a lot about time management, movie taking skills, editing skills and lots more.

This example is an amazing piece of work by Karen and Meg, I can never help but laugh in hysterics when I watch it. The girls shot this using their own still camera and edited it using their own Macbook Pro and iMovie. Twice a week the girls would bring this equipment to school to work on their project. Because of this, their movie goes above and beyond what could of been done in class at school. They worked on this in their own time shooting and editing too, which really surprised me. It was great to see they were so motivated and dedicated that they wanted to keep doing it in their own time.

To view the other videos from 5/6 and 7/8 options, click here to visit the options Vimeo album. All of them should be up over the next few weeks so stay tuned for more. Be sure to leave comments of encouragement for the students outstanding efforts below or on Vimeo.