Brainpop and Brainpop Jr. are subscription websites that my school pays for each year. The school gets a username and password to use for all students allowing them access to all of the features of the site. If you check the site, there are some free sections, but there are very limited segments.

Basically, what Brainpop is is a collection of short, animated videos about a range of different subjects. The characters, Moby the robot and Tim (Brainpop) or Annie (Brainpop Jr.) give an explanation on your topic of choice. At the end of the movie, the students can do a quiz to test their comprehension and some other games related to the video.

At the moment, Grade 2 have been researching about where food comes from, as well as nutrition and what foods we need to eat to stay healthy. So during class we watched the Brainpop Jr. video on the Food Pyramid. Here is a short excerpt from the video to give you an idea of what it is like:

After the students watched the video, they answered the quiz, then played a game from the site related to the Food Pyramid. Here are three students playing and explaining the game:

As you can see, they had a great fun in their computer lesson this week!

If you would like to access Brainpop or Brainpop Jr. with your daughter at home, then come and see me and I can give you the passwords and usernames to give you access at home.